RenamePad - File Renaming Text Editor


File Renaming Text Editor

RenamePad is a utility that can rename files and folders easily using a familiar text editor interface. Bulk renaming is much faster and simpler because of its more intuitive way to edit filenames as compared to Windows Explorer. Built-in search & replace tools enable mass changes to be performed quickly. RenamePad supports drag n' drop and "Send to" from Windows Explorer, undoing the last batch, and will rename files & folders despite possible name conflicts.

Robo Ninja 2 - Exciting Robot Ninja Battles

Robo Ninja 2

Electrifying Robot Ninja Battles

The most exciting Robot Ninja Battle game available for your favorite iOS device. Choose between 4 super skilled ninjas and battle crazy monsters on various different playing fields. Collect different weapons and ammo and beat your way through 30 fun and challenging levels. Fight through waves of enemies with insane weapons like flying spears, swords and bombs! Unlock extra character bonuses and more powerful weapons like exploding bombs. Features Gamecenter Achievements & Leaderboards - see how high you can score compared to your friends!

Bingo Poppy - Casino Bingo Game

Bingo Poppy Bingo

Exciting Casino Bingo Game

The dogs are back on an epic Bingo adventure! Bingo Poppy Bingo combines the classic action from bingo while featuring exciting power-ups, collectibles and awesome ways to level up. Daub your card, fill the meter, and get as many bingos as you can before time runs out! Gain experience, bones, and coins while scoring multiple bingos per round on up to 4 cards at a time. Includes 10 different bingo card levels, and each round is scored on your daub coverage, total bones, bingos and chests you collect. Play Bingo Dogs for FREE and start your journey today. Bingo was his name-o!

5 Days to Quit Smoking Challenge

5 Days to Quit Smoking Challenge

Best way to Stop Smoking for Life

This 5 day step-by-step program helps you change daily habits and achieve your goal to quit smoking. Based on the highly successful Five-Day Plan, one of the oldest and most effective smoking cessation programs by Dr. J. Wayne McFarland, M.D. and Elman J. Folkenberg. Through psychological motivation (such as affirmation statements), the Five-Day Plan works to break your smoking routine and helps eliminate cigarette cravings. Probably the most comprehensive way to quit smoking in the App Store, it will support you to give up smoking and become free. You can breathe better, have fewer digestive problems, feel more energy, prevent health problems, and more! If you are serious about staying quit then this challenge could make all the difference.

Cookbook for Pressure Cooker Recipes

Cookbook for Pressure Cooker

Recipes Exclusively for Pressure Cooking

Learn the secrets to amazing tasting Pressure Cooker cooking. Have you switched from pressure cooking to the microwave? If so, you are missing out on some excellent recipes meant exclusively for the pressure cooker. Find out all of the right ingredients to use, and the perfect cooking times. Includes tons of quick and easy delicious recipes meant exclusively for Pressure Cookers, which can be altered to suit your tastes! Some popular dishes include: Poblano Corn Chowder, Braised Chicken with Capers and Parsley, Zuppa Toscana, and many more! Bonus: includes a BMI calculator. So what are you waiting for? Forget the microwave and cook delectable tasting dishes with Cookbook for Pressure Cooker Recipes!

Avoid Bad Breath - Prevent & Cure Bad Breath

Avoid Bad Breath

Prevent & Cure Bad Breath

There's no turnoff worse than bad breath. Avoid Bad Breath can help you get rid of and prevent it. Learn how with great articles on how to combat it, tips to easily prevent it, and what causes bad breath in the first place. Take the Bad Breath Quiz and find out what is causing YOUR bad breath! Watch video tutorials and read proven treatment advice that include natural home remedies, foods & other things to avoid, and how to treat bad breath in children & teenagers. Find out about mouthwashes and teeth whitening solutions which can also cure bad breath. Learn how to kill bad breath the way experts do, all about halitosis and to avoid dangerous bad breath treatments!