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Previously we talked about apps which can inform and instruct you on how to deal with a problem in life, or learn something new. Now we’ll take a look at tools, also called utilities, which can help you accomplish tasks faster or easier. Next time I’ll talk about the future of AverPro and what apps are on the horizon, but for now read on to find out about our flagship product RenamePad.


Have you ever needed to rename a batch of files or folders, but not all to the same name? Windows Explorer provides a limited ability to do this. You either have to go to each file one-by-one, click to rename it and type a new name, or you can select a group at a time. If you want to rename a group of them, then they will all become the same base name and numbered automatically. Sometimes this works, but you often lose the contextual value of unique names.

There are other utilities out there which will allow you to batch rename files. However nearly all of them will simply load a list of files/folders, and then provide commands to manipulate the list in bulk. While this can be fine in some situations, it isn’t always the best approach when you want to rename many files but to vastly different names. RenamePad provides a unique text editor approach to renaming a block of files or folders all at once. If you’ve ever wanted the ease of using a word processor to just type the new filenames in instead, then you will love RenamePad.

You can load a list of files/folders that you want to rename into the left side, and a list of their current names will automatically be populated into the right side. You can then just freely edit the list, as you would in any standard text editor. Go from line to line easily by using the keyboard arrow keys, or navigate and select using the mouse. Copy and paste inside the text editor itself, or from outside sources. There is of course a function to import an external list to use instead, which you can still edit after loading it. In addition there are some bulk operations like search & replace and inserting/deleting text to or from each line. You can also auto-number the files/folders or change all of the file extensions at once.

RenamePad also supports drag n' drop from Windows Explorer to make it easier to load your list of files. Once you have changed the list exactly how you would like it, you can simply press Apply Rename and process them all at once. It can even handle possible name conflicts for you, in case you are trying to rename a file to a conflicting filename which already appears in the list. Note that you won’t be able to rename it to a file that already exists on disk, but is not being changed to something else as well. RenamePad is smart enough to detect if it can handle this conflict automatically for you, or else will warn you that it can’t process the file due to the conflict. If you make a mistake, you can always undo the last batch of files renamed as well.

Pesticide & Insecticide Calculator

We do have 2 small apps which are not actually listed on our website at all, that are available in the App Store as well as in Google Play. They are called Pesticide Calculator and Insecticide Calculator. These are simple apps which are available for free to help you decide the quantity of chemicals you may need to eradicate unwanted bugs. The Pesticide Calculator can determine how much you need to buy to get rid of pests in general, and can be used for a variety of situations. The Insecticide Calculator can help you calculate how much you need to buy to eliminate insects specifically.

RenamePad is currently only available for Windows, although we are working on a Mac OS X version. If you would like to know more about it, visit the RenamePad information page. If you are interested in the Pesticide or Insecticide Calculators, click on one of these buttons appropriate for your device:

Pesticide Calculator

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Insecticide Calculator

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In the next post I will discuss the future of AverPro, including what we are working on and some possible ideas we are considering bringing to the market.