Learning and Tutorial Apps

5 Days to Quit Smoking & Avoid Bad Breath

Last time we discussed the 3 different categories of software that we focus on here at AverPro. I suggest you read the previous entry, especially if you like entertaining games. There are 2 types we have left to discuss, which are educational training tools and utilities. Learning or tutorial apps can vary significantly, but generally boil down to either primarily information-based or instructional simulators/trainers, or sometimes a combination of both. I will explain a couple of helpful apps we offer right now, and finally I will elaborate on utilities next week.

Cookbook for Pressure Cooker Recipes

If you’ve been stuck in a rut using the microwave or eating out, you are missing out on the ease and amazing flavor that pressure cookers can provide. Our Cookbook for Pressure Cooker Recipes app will teach you how to use your pressure cooker, and just how simple it really is to create great tasting meals. It features some excellent recipes that are exclusively designed for pressure cooking. Each recipe lists all of the key ingredients you will need, and explains the perfect cooking times. You can even alter any of the quick and easy delicious recipes to suit your tastes! There are photos available so you can see what some of the most popular dishes included look like before you start. It also includes a bonus BMI calculator, so you can keep track of your Body Mass Index.

5 Days to Quit Smoking Challenge

Our 5 day step-by-step app really is the best way to stop smoking for life. This educational program will help you focus on changing your daily habits and finally kick the habit. It is based on the highly successful Five-Day Plan by Dr. J. Wayne McFarland, M.D. and Elman J. Folkenberg, which is one of the oldest and most effective stop smoking methods available. It utilizes psychological motivation (such as affirmation statements), and assists you in breaking your smoking routine and to reduce your cigarette cravings. It will support you to give up smoking and become free, and shows you real-time stats along the way such as your nicotine levels, circulation, CO levels and more. It is probably the most comprehensive way to quit smoking available in the App Store today. You owe it to yourself to be healthier, and when you don’t smoke you breathe better, have fewer digestive problems, have more energy, and of course can live longer! There are even more benefits to quitting, but this app along with the care of your medical professional can make all the difference to making it happen.

Avoid Bad Breath

There really is nothing more offending or less attractive in personal situations than bad breath. If you are looking to get rid of or prevent bad breath, then this app is the answer. It features tons of great information with insightful articles on how to deal with bad breath and ways to avoid & prevent it. You will learn what causes it in the first place, so you can be aware of lifestyle changes necessary to combat it. The Bad Breath Quiz is a great way to find out what it is you may be doing that is causing your bad breath. It includes video tutorials and proven treatment advice like natural home remedies, dietary changes such as foods to avoid, and how to deal with children & teenager’s bad breath. There are even mouthwashes and teeth whitening solutions which can also help with bad breath. Follow the expert advice on how professionals eliminate bad breath, what halitosis is, and take caution against dangerous bad breath treatments.

All three of these are available for purchase in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices. If you would like more information about any of them, see Cookbook for Pressure Cooker, 5 Days to Quit Smoking, or Avoid Bad Breath. I’ll talk about tools which are useful and help you get the job done in my next post.