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Robo Ninja and Bingo Poppy

Here at AverPro we make basically 3 different types of apps. Utilities are tools which help make something easier to do on your computer or mobile device. Games are pretty obvious, but we all need to have a little fun here and there. Educational apps are a tougher category to define, mainly because they range from basic learning apps with information all the way to fully interactive training simulators. In this post I’m going to tell you about a couple of games we already have on the market, and give you a brief idea of what they are like. In the next 2 posts that follow I will talk about our instructional apps and then utilities.

Robo Ninja 2

Our first (and still most successful) game released was Robo Ninja. It was replaced with Robo Ninja 2 last year however, with some significant upgrades. You get to pick 1 of 4 powerful super ninjas, and battle various monsters and enemies along your path to become a robot ninja. The game features 30 exciting and challenging levels to play, which take place over 3 different battlefield landscapes. You start off with a basic weapon to blast away your foes, but you can collect bigger and stronger weapons on your adventure. Bombs are your critical attack to use, and of course there are many ways to acquire more of these as well.

You will get to fight through waves and waves of enemies with insane weapons like flying spears, swords and of course - more bombs! You can even get super explosive bombs, more powerful weapons, and unlock extra characters with bonus abilities and experience. You can go for Gamecenter Achievements and accomplish as many goals as possible. You will gain rank in the Leaderboards, and see how high you can score compared to your friends! Robo Ninja 2 really is the most exciting Robot Ninja Battle game available in the App Store for iOS devices. It is currently not yet available for Android, but we are working on porting it to this platform soon.

Bingo Poppy Bingo

If you enjoy bingo, you will love our exciting casino game Bingo Poppy Bingo. It simulates the thrill and excitement of playing bingo, where you can daub to your hearts content. Since Bingo was his name-o, the dogs are back in town on this epic bingo adventure! Bingo Poppy Bingo combines the classic action of bingo and features sensational power-ups, bonus collectibles and fun new ways to gain levels and experience. Balls are chosen at random, and you get to daub your card before the time meter runs out. You can get multiple bingos in a single round, and play on up to 4 cards at a time. Along the way you collect dog bones and coins, which you can use to buy more cards. There are 10 challenging bingo card levels, and each round is scored on multiple factors. Improve your daub coverage, total bones collected, bingos and chests found.

Both of these games are free in the App Store, although you can purchase power-ups to improve your chances. To learn more about either of these apps, visit Robo Ninja 2 or Bingo Poppy Bingo’s product pages. Next time we will introduce our tutorial apps that help tackle life issues and improve your lifestyle.