Utilities and Tools to Work Smarter

RenamePad Icon & User Interface

Previously we talked about apps which can inform and instruct you on how to deal with a problem in life, or learn something new. Now we’ll take a look at tools, also called utilities, which can help you accomplish tasks faster or easier. Next time I’ll talk about the future of AverPro and what apps are on the horizon, but for now read on to find out about our flagship product RenamePad.

Learning and Tutorial Apps

5 Days to Quit Smoking & Avoid Bad Breath

Last time we discussed the 3 different categories of software that we focus on here at AverPro. I suggest you read the previous entry, especially if you like entertaining games. There are 2 types we have left to discuss, which are educational training tools and utilities. Learning or tutorial apps can vary significantly, but generally boil down to either primarily information-based or instructional simulators/trainers, or sometimes a combination of both. I will explain a couple of helpful apps we offer right now, and finally I will elaborate on utilities next week.

AverPro Games & More

Robo Ninja and Bingo Poppy

Here at AverPro we make basically 3 different types of apps. Utilities are tools which help make something easier to do on your computer or mobile device. Games are pretty obvious, but we all need to have a little fun here and there. Educational apps are a tougher category to define, mainly because they range from basic learning apps with information all the way to fully interactive training simulators. In this post I’m going to tell you about a couple of games we already have on the market, and give you a brief idea of what they are like. In the next 2 posts that follow I will talk about our instructional apps and then utilities.

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