About Us

What we do

AverPro designs and sells software applications for desktop, mobile and web environments. We target Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android platforms. Our goal is to provide only the best quality apps that provide the user with an unparalleled user experience and ultimate value. We are a boutique software manufacturer that focuses on quality over quantity. In this modern age of technology, we believe that apps which are truly useful and entertaining have become the cornerstone of everyday life. That’s why when it comes to work or play, our belief has always been "it's all about apps".TM


When you need to get stuff done, you need professional utilities that make your life easier. The right tool for the job makes all the difference. When you make it happen faster and better, everyone wins. You’re happier - you’re clients are happier - and you have more time for the things you really want to do. AverPro focuses on creating great software which makes it easier for you to do what you do, without all the hassle.


With all this extra time on your hands, sometimes you just want to relax and have fun. Games and entertainment apps provide you with a much needed break from the demands of your daily tasks. Take a breather so your mind can unwind, and enjoy a stimulating diversion whether at home or on the go. AverPro engineers engaging and challenging software that is sure to bring you hours of amusement whenever you need it.


Your brain craves new knowledge - and you benefit from this by gaining a deeper understanding of subjects that interest you. Whether you need more information to finish a project, or you’re just curious about an unfamiliar topic, educational software can fill in the gaps. Learning apps provide you a substantial boost to master a new area by providing insight when and how it’s convenient for you. Reference material, how-to articles, & interactive training apps by AverPro make it all happen.
“Creating amazing software is our passion. The pursuit of perfection is inevitable, but at the end of the day we just want to make quality products that benefit our customers. There is no substitute for a great app that just works – and looks good doing it.”